What YA books do you like?

I was thinking lately... (I get the sense that I'm thinking way too much lately...) about what type of YA novels people would actually want to read. See, the thing is... most people complain that YA is bad. So my question is this, what type of YA book would you buy? Maybe you're into books … Continue reading What YA books do you like?

Why you don’t NEED to read this book!

Today, (well, more like tonight as it's almost 22.00 p.m) I thought of writing a review of the novel Need by Carrie Jones. I read it many years ago and so I don't remember everything as if I'd just finished it, but what I do remember is this... This book was bad. And not bad … Continue reading Why you don’t NEED to read this book!

Worst YA covers ever!

So we all know the saying... Don't judge a book by its cover? Well, I bet the authors are glad that saying exists...because if we were to judge their books based on these covers, they probably wouldn't sell a single book. There seems to be a common idea¬†amongst publishers that we readers are interested in … Continue reading Worst YA covers ever!

Why the Shatter me trilogy made me happy and pissed off.

¬†Shatter me was a book I kept seeing everywhere... Even in my dreams. Usually, I restrain myself from buying these books because I know I'll end up not liking them that much and then I'll want to punch myself for falling for the same trap as usual. So I gave it some time, continued to … Continue reading Why the Shatter me trilogy made me happy and pissed off.

9 disappointing YA books

I'm a huge YA fan, I read anything YA, and it's what I mostly read. Probably because of this, I come across quite bad YA books on the market. Some aren't that bad... but others are just plain awful. These are 9 YA books I read and either disliked or hated. (This is based on … Continue reading 9 disappointing YA books