What makes a good cover?

So what exactly makes a good book cover? In most cases, it does come down to personal taste. A lot of people will absolutely love a cover, whilst others will absolutely hate it. But let's be honest, in most cases, we do share similar complaints or approval. So, here's a short compilation (I hope) of … Continue reading What makes a good cover?

Worst YA covers ever!

So we all know the saying... Don't judge a book by its cover? Well, I bet the authors are glad that saying exists...because if we were to judge their books based on these covers, they probably wouldn't sell a single book. There seems to be a common idea¬†amongst publishers that we readers are interested in … Continue reading Worst YA covers ever!

9 covers that sucked me into buying the book

I try real hard not to fall for covers. I spend quite some time researching a book before buying, but sometimes... (well, to be honest, most of the time) I fall for the trap of the pretty cover technique. In most cases I am lucky that the book turns out to be good, but other … Continue reading 9 covers that sucked me into buying the book