Wonder by R.J.Palacio; a review

I kept seeing this book everywhere. In all the bookstores, online, in my underwear draw, under my bed when I checked for monsters... But it was just one of those books I couldn't quite get myself to buy. Why? I don't know. It never grabbed my attention. I finally picked the book up in Barcelona's … Continue reading Wonder by R.J.Palacio; a review

I have a question!

So, I have a question. ¬†Gosh, I hope not! A few days ago my editor returned my book with the changes I needed to make. But she did rise one question that brought me to a halt. Now, I've been discussing it with my family and we all have different opinions on the subject, and … Continue reading I have a question!

F**k You Hollywood!

I've been meaning to read this book for quite some time. But yesterday a friend of mine suggested a movie, which turned out to be the movie based from this book. So of course, you can imagine I was quite excited and checked the trailer out. The movie looks fun. Probably won't be any close … Continue reading F**k You Hollywood!

An insight to my first book!;)

So lately I've been wondering whether to talk about my book. I've wanted to post like the first page of my book for some time, but I've been extremely hesitant about it. Not because I believe someone will steal my idea. I don't think you can really steal an idea from just one page... and from … Continue reading An insight to my first book!;)