Hi there!

My name is Jazmin.

This is me.


And this is my evil cat.


You might feel tempted to think he’s cute. He is EVIL.

And this is my dog.


He’s good.

I believe in the art of dramatic eye rolling and heavy sighing.

I like to sing. But everyone tells me I am HORRIBLE at it.

I write books. I’ve been told they’re good. (Unlike my singing)

In 2017 I won the Indie Book Awards.

These are my books.

Eternal Darkness - EBook small.jpg Eternal Darkness Oblivion - Ebook Small.jpg Eternal Darkness Revelations - Ebook Small (1).jpg ISBN13 9788460866664.jpg After Darkness - J.F. Johns (ebook).jpg

You can follow me on twitter: “https://twitter.com/Writersmania

You can also follow me on Instagram:


After Darkness - J.F. Johns (ebook).jpg

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jazmin. My name is Dan. I came across your Twitter site and noticed you blog about books. Do you review the books? If so I have a sci-fi fantasy I’m currently promoting and would greatly appreciate a review. The book is Secrets of the Egoles’ Nest. Any recommendations would be most welcome as well. Thank you and have a fabulous day.


    • Hi Dan! I’m actually planning next month to do a section on self-published books on here, is your book self-published? I would be posting a few self-publishing books, a few tips on self-publishing and general information. Would you be interested if i include your book? Let me know:)


  2. Hi Jazmin,
    I am so glad you “liked” one of my posts, because it gave me a chance to check out your blog, which I love! I am an aspiring writer of children’s books, and as you see by my blog, am now dabbling in some non-fiction shorts for the fun of it. I would like to follow your blog, but do not see a way to do so. Am I just missing it? Thanks so much for sharing all of this wonderful information.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi there 🙂 thank you so much for contacting me! You should be able to, either at the top of the page where it says follow or in the notifications, underneath my name? Let me know if you manage to find it or not 🙂


  3. Wow, I believe in dramatic sighing and eye-rolling too. 😀 Awesome to meet another dramatic eye-roller.

    And never underestimate the power of sarcasm, it can carry you through a lot.


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