After Darkness II Chapter Four

Chapter Four It was late. Terra’s head hurt and she was finding it extremely difficult to stay awake. The entire place was eerily quiet and the only light came from the hallway, filtering through. The door opened and a guard marched in carrying a metallic chair, which he positioned in front of Terra. He turned … Continue reading After Darkness II Chapter Four

After Darkness II Chapter Three

Chapter Three     Camille could hear the sirens of the Watchers’ cars patrolling, searching for citizens out after curfew. Capital One was a city of bright neon lights, skyscrapers and screens with twenty-four hour propaganda. If one knew where to look, a different world could be found. Hidden bars and clubs, places where bets … Continue reading After Darkness II Chapter Three

After Darkness II Chapter Two

Chapter Two     Kalem Akuma had spent the last few days watching the Governments’ Headquarters. He wasn’t entirely sure whether Terra was being kept there, but he had no other leads. The Governments’ Headquarters was a tall building with marble steps leading to its front doors. There were Watchers posted at the front, guarding … Continue reading After Darkness II Chapter Two

After Darkness II Chapter One

Chapter One     The room Terra was being kept in was bare of any decoration. The walls, floors and ceilings were as white as snow. The lights bright, so bright they burnt her when she was strong enough to open her eyes. There were no windows, nor a bed. Only a metallic chair. Terra … Continue reading After Darkness II Chapter One

After Darkness II (Prologue)

PROLOGUE     There was a door. A splintered door with pink lilies on it. Behind the door lay a crystalline lake surrounded by trees, their branches and leaves rustling from a non-existent breeze. By the shore, on his knees, sat a boy with hair made from the night and eyes created from steel. His … Continue reading After Darkness II (Prologue)