2020 starts STRONG (book reviews)

Hello my fellow wordpressians!

(Is that even the word?) I don’t care. I’m keeping it. I like it.

So I’ve compiled a beautiful, majestic, incredible, enticing, pleasing, attractive, wonderful and magnetic list of books I’ve read. And yes. I did Google synonyms for beautiful to add more to this list.

5cf5ef643b43cc8525d92c6faf86d242 SUE ME.

Let’s start, shall we? This list will have some good reads and some bad ones. Some wonderful reads and some terrible ones.

Let’s go from best to worst…

Drum rolls, please!


The Guild Codex; Demonized.


I absolutely love everything this author publishes. She can do no wrong in my opinion. she has many books and different series, but this one is… Amazing. A-MA-ZING. What’s it about? Don’t be lazy. Go read the description on Goodreads.

Everless and Evermore

51Gskko4b-L.jpg I was pleasantly surprised by this book and its sequel. To be honest, I expected it to be another over-hyped book that publisher’s had brainwashed me into buying because I’m that much of a sucker. But to be my utter surprise, I really enjoyed. Like A LOT. I really recommend this book. The story is very different and the characters are… well, they’re okay. But the world and story is awesome.

An easy death

38136877._UY630_SR1200,630_.jpgTruthfully, Charlaine Harris writes brilliantly. I love everything she writes. She could write about baked potatoes and I’d find it fascinating. Her style of writing reminds me a lot of the Japanese style, which is basically to write about very mundane things like taking a shower and eating an apple and doing it in a way where you (the reader) are absolutely invested in it.



Two princes of summer

61sBDPoEbJL.jpgThis is a 6 book series. I did enjoy it a lot. But I must say, it does read like a book that has been written once and never re-read. There’s a lot of typos, sentences that need rewriting and etc. But if you can get over those silly little things (you probably can’t) then I think it’s worth reading!


I shall continue this list soon.

It’s just too long.


Here’s a baby bat eating to cheer ya day up.


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