Why I keep leaving and coming back (the mystery is finally revealed)

Hi guys!

It has been ages since I last stuck my toe into this wonderful place called WordPress. Many of you might be wondering, where the hell has this girl been? (I know probably no one has been wondering that) But a girl can dream.

So, am I finally staying around? I am truly going to TRY. But my word isn’t really reliable judging on the 843627483573 times I’ve said Hi again! And then went on my secret mission to save the planet.

Yes, I am a secret agent. That’s the secret.


I know, you’re shocked. Wasn’t expecting that now, were you?

Okay, okay. You got me. I’m no secret agent. I can’t even get my socks on properly in the mornings… The truth is, life got in the way, as it usually does. That isn’t really a great excuse, but it’s the truth. Work got CRAZY. And so many other aspects in my life did too. So it’s been difficult.

Now that everything is a little more stable, I am SO focused on posting my book reviews that make SO many people nervous and angry because of my fabulous and mostly illogical rants over their beloved books. I really can’t help it. I like to rant. I like to make people cry.

I have nothing good to say about anything in this world.

Just kidding.





I’m so not kidding.



So, welcome back to me!


And to celebrate such a ridiculous post, here’s a cute spider!





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