The Grisha Trilogy Review


I heard a lot about this trilogy, and every time I entered a bookstore I would see it on the shelves. I was always very reluctant to buy it, for some mysterious reason, but I finally fell by peer pressure and all the beautiful bookstagram pics.

I bought the entire trilogy in one go, because I enjoy taking risks like that.

Because I am an idiot.


Lucky for me, I did quite enjoy the first book. I’ll admit that I didn’t fall in love with it, because at times it was rather boring, but the idea was interesting.

What’s it about exactly?

It’s like Avatar decided to make a spin-off in Russia.(But there is no Anastasia in this one I’m afraid).


There’s people called Grisha, that have special powers, like controlling fire and wind and being able to build stuff, etc. And then there’s the non-grisha, that basically can’t do shit.

I’d totally be a non-Grisha. LOL.

So, the main character discovers she has this amazing new power, a power no one else has… and the bad guy in the book wants to use her power. ‘Cos I’ve never read that one before…


Something happens in the 2 book, but it was so boring and bland I can’t remember.

The third book was good, the beginning was boring, but it caught on slowly and went on to finish quite nicely.


Just kidding!!!!

Overall, there is action, romance and mystery, which is quite nice. I wasn’t in love with the ‘love’ side of the book, and it did seem to take over quite a bit sometimes. To be honest, I was totally into the Darkling, I love him as a character and I hated never getting to read about him in the 2 and 3 books!!!! Like seriously!!!?!?!?!?!! I kept waiting and waiting for him to appear, but nothing… NOTHING. AT ALL.

Am I annoyed? Quite a bit. So I’ll go and eat cake.

The Characters:


The main character, I can’t even remember her name right now… she was okay, but sometimes a bit annoying. Still, I wouldn’t put her on my list of annoying YA heroines, so she gains some points because of that.

Mal; his name was funny. I read this book in Spanish, and Mal actually means ‘bad’ in spanish, so it was kinda weird reading his name. He was okay, but sometimes I didn’t get him totally, or found him to be too perfect and too boring. But whatever, you can’t always have everything.

The Darkling; Loved him, but didn’t really get to know him properly because he hardly appears…

The rest of the characters had no substance. Except for Nikolai, who’s totally awesome! The rest were very meh. I got confused all the time with their names and I couldn’t picture them in my head at all. Zoya and Genya were the only 2 I could properly picture.

Would I recommend this trilogy? Not necessarily. I didn’t think it was amazing or awesome. It was okay, it was a fun read, but nothing special. Most people loooove this trilogy, so I’m just a weirdoo, so it’s probably best you don’t listen to me!

(You should totally listen to me, because I’m an expert in everything).

Did you enjoy this trilogy? What did you think? Lemme know! I don’t bite…I think.

And here’s a baby bird to brighten your day!




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