Eternal Darkness; Oblivion (Prologue)

So, I’ve decided to upload the Prologue to Eternal Darkness; Oblivion. The book is still being edited, so please forgive me if you find any typos or if certain things change once it’s published!

I’m hoping to publish the second book in the Eternal Darkness Trilogy by the end of Sept! And I will keep everyone updated!:)

So, here it is;




Scarlet watched the bird that lay on the floor. It twitched uncontrollably. The room was dark except for a light illuminating it from above and below. She approached the animal and then froze as it grew in size. A light bulb appeared over her head and as she moved it followed, providing some light in the darkness. With every step the bird grew, until finally she realised it was a crow.

A crow.

Recognition engulfed her body and Scarlet stepped back, confused. Where had she seen this before? The bird continued to twitch, a faint light shimmering beneath, black feathers falling around its dying body and she watched in fear, too scared to move closer.

‘Scarlet, wake up.’

In the shadows of the room, on the wall to her right, a mirror emerged and a girl, who was trapped inside its interior, waved. Scarlet frowned. The girl was oddly familiar, and then she realised why. The girl was herself.

Another Scarlet.

‘Wake up.’

The replica smiled, a haunted type of smile that made Scarlet lean away in fear. There was something wrong with this other version, something not quite right, and yet, she couldn’t quite explain what. The other Scarlet suddenly pointed at something and the real girl turned to see what it was.

The crow.

Stepping forward, she realised the bird lay perfectly still. Scarlet leaned forward, wondering what it would feel like to touch one of its feathers. But then, the animal began to move, growing faster, feathers falling from its body as its bones began to expand. The bird was transforming into something else entirely.

‘Wake up!’

Her hand outstretched, she leaned closer to touch the creature that was now emerging. But something stopped her.

The crow had changed into a human.

A human girl lying in a fetal position.

The bird-girl began to move and her head lifted up towards Scarlet.

‘We need to wake her up!’

Her eyes were still the same shape and colour as the crow’s and her mouth and nose were still a beak. The bird-girl watched Scarlet, cocking her head to one side, those creepy looking eyes narrowing. Scarlet knew the girl from somewhere, but she couldn’t place her, her memory suddenly became fuzzy.

‘We need to shock her awake!’

The mirror began to melt and the other Scarlet vanished with it, her mouth open in a silent cry. The light bulb fell into the shadows as the bird-girl crawled towards Scarlet. Stepping back in fear, she felt the ground disappear and she dropped and continued to drop as she screamed.

Scarlet opened her eyes.


Water everywhere, surrounding her head and neck. Someone was holding her down, forcing her face into a bucket. She struggled against the hands, trying to set herself free. Fight! Scarlet gripped the edges of the bucket, twisting her lower body to get away. Suddenly, remembering that she could breathe under water, she relaxed.

‘Let go!’

A hand yanked her backwards. Scarlet fell on her bottom, gasping from the shock. She sat on the ground, heaving, her eyes darting around the room in alert. Her body felt weak as if she’d been in a long, deep sleep.

The room was small.

Four cemented walls, stains covering them like decorative ornaments, and a mattress in one corner bare of any sort of sheets or blankets.

No windows.

One metal door with strong looking bolts.

And four men standing in front of her, looking down.

Scarlet crawled away, backing up against the wall. What was going on? She shook her head, trying to get her thoughts together. What was the last thing she could remember? Her head was fuzzy, and it hurt. Shutting her eyes and rubbing them, she tried to focus and forget about the four men standing in front of her.

What was the last thing she could remember?


Scarlet gasped as his face came into full view. Eric standing next to her, smiling, his head tilted back, dimples forming at the corners of his mouth and his eyes squinting. Eric telling her to hurry up because they were leaving…

To go where?

To the Institute!

Bit by bit, everything clicked back into place and Scarlet sighed with relief. She leaned her head against the wall, picturing Eric in her mind, scared that if she didn’t, she’d forget him all over again.


She looked up.

The four men were still watching her, but the voice that had spoken brought unwelcome memories and she stared at the man in the middle. She lunged forward, ready to attack.

Something pulled her back and she fell against the wall. Shackles. Someone had restrained her wrists. They were connected to the wall by chains, not long enough for her to even reach the other side of the room.

This time, she stood up slowly, making sure not to fall back again.

‘You don’t want to do anything stupid,’ the voice said. Scarlet sneered at them, then noticed the men pulling guns out and backed away. ‘You want us to shoot you and fall unconscious all over again?’

‘I’m going to kill you!’ Scarlet said. ‘These shackles, these four walls, those guns and that bolted door won’t stop me from killing you, Lucian White.’

Lucian shrugged, his long black hair falling over his shoulders from the gesture. ‘You can try, but I’m only trying to help.’

‘I doubt it,’ Scarlet mumbled, sitting down again, resting her head against the wall. ‘Where am I? What did you do to me? What do you want?’

‘I’d be happy to answer all of your questions…’


‘But you need to calm down first.’ Lucian gestured at the other men that moved towards the door and opened a small shutter, which worked as a way to communicate with whoever was outside. They gestured at the person on the other side to open the door, and then the massive metal scraped against the ground as it moved.

Scarlet leaped from the ground, ready to attack and make her escape, but Lucian pointed the gun at her forehead and she froze. ‘You really want to go through it all again?’

She watched as the men made their way outside and she bit the inside of her mouth. She didn’t back away though, or flinch at the harsh feeling of metal against her skin.

Scarlet leaned forward, pressing her face against it, making sure Lucian noticed.

She would not be afraid.

‘Where’s Vladimir?’

‘He’s safe.’

‘I want out.’

‘You will be soon enough.’

Scarlet licked her lips. The door had slammed shut, the sound echoing throughout the small room. She cocked her head slightly, never pulling away from the gun. ‘When?’

Lucian’s lips curled. ‘When you remember.’

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The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.
©Copyright J.F.Johns 2016
All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced or stored in an information retrieval system (other than for purposes of review) without permission in writing from the author.

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