Books I did not enjoy in 2016

So here I am again, after repeatedly saying that I was back, to then disappear once again. Why? Well, I could  blame it on life, as I usually do… But let’s face it. It’s because I am LAZY.


Anyhooo… I joined the Goodreads challenge, and it states that I am 9 books ahead of schedule. Now, I don’t wish to brag but, I patted myself on the shoulder when I saw that.

(I mainly did that ‘cos when i told someone they just stared at me like i’m stupid)



So, here are some of the books I read in 2016 that I did not necessarily enjoy;


Now, first of all, that title is just… Die for me? Why? Like, i’m sorry but that title just makes me think of Bella Swan and I know, I know, the lame jokes about Bella Swan are getting old and bla bla bla, but seriously… Like this title makes me think that this is just another story about a teenage girl that meets a mysterious guy, falls in love and is willing to do anything for him. Even dieeeeee.


It’s exactly that.


It’s boring, and the only reason I stuck around was because I’d already bought the entire trilogy…I also read the 2 book. It did not get better.

Unseen-Ebook.jpg I picked this book up because I recognised the cover, I’d seen it on the web page of Damonza! I absolutely looove this cover, and when I see I cover I want, I get it no matter what, plus the idea behind the book was really interesting.

Unfortunately, it was boring. It didn’t really hold my interest, but I kept reading because it was short and I hate not finishing books. The problem with this book is that nothing really happens, like you know something is going to happen, but you’re kept waiting and waiting… And the thing is, you already know as the reader the big secret… So it gets annoying when the main character just doesn’t seem to get it.


Next victim on my list is… I meant book, not victim! Oops..


I was really upset that I did not enjoy this because I looove Lepore’s books. I’ve bought almost all of them, so I knew I’d love this one just as much.

Yeah, turns out I didn’t.

I don’t know if this is maybe one of her earlier works, and that’s the reason behind it…? I don’t mind grammar typos and all of that stuff, I really don’t. But the story was boring and it didn’t seem to be going anywhere, and the way it was written just didn’t do it for me.


Everyone talks about Colleen Hoover, non-stop. I mean, I see her books eveywhere!


Around corners…




So, of course, I went out and bought some of her books. Because why not? It’s not like I’m poor or anything and can’t really pay for my own place…


I was hoping for something incredible, and yet I read just a regular, totally normal, romance book. I think that if it hadn’t been so over-hyped, I would’ve liked it more… I mean, I didn’t totally dislike it, but it was just sooooo disappointing. And that ending… Way too easy. In real life, that wouldn’t have worked out like that. Seriously, wtf.

Anyway, I won’t continue my rant.

Have you guys read any of these? What did you think? I hope you enjoyed them more than I did!Lemme know!

And to cheer you up, here’s a pic of a cute baby turtle eating a strawberry!




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