Looking for Alaska, the girl not the state.


I read The Fault in our stars and didn’t like it. I then read Paper Towns and thought… meh. Now, because I’m a masochist, I’ve read yet another book by popular author John Green.

And I enjoyed it!




To be honest, I didn’t expect much from this book, but I started reading and continued and actually enjoyed it. I enjoyed the characters, the storyline and the sort of mystery behind it. I do have to say though, that the main character and the love interest, were very, VERY, similar to the characters in Paper Towns. I mean, it felt like the girl was Margo from Paper Towns. I didn’t feel any difference in their personalities. Same goes for the main character.

Still. I enjoyed them more in this book, so… whatever. I forgive you John Green.So, what is this book about?

It’s about a boy named Quentin, I mean Miles… that meets a girl that has mood swings, smokes and drinks until she’s knocked out. He falls in love with her, but she’s cool and mysterious and he’s a dork, so of course, she’s not interested. And then one day, something tragic happens and she’s gone. Puff. And he goes on this long trip to find her… Oh sorry no, that’s Paper Towns. Okay, he doesn’t go anywhere. Instead he stays at school moaning and searching for clues and then doesn’t find any. But that’s okay, ‘cos he found the deeper meaning to life.


Okay, so, I know I’m kinda mean and make it sound awful. But it wasn’t bad at all. As I said before, I did actually enjoy this book. I wish I would’ve read this book first, ‘cos it might’ve changed my way of seeing Greens’ books. But still, what can you do?

If you’ve never read something by this author, try reading this one. Or probably stick to the the Fault in our genes, I mean the Fault in our stars, ‘cos I mean, that’s what got everyone balling their eyeballs out so… something was done right.



So, have you read any John Green book? Which is your fav? Or do you dislike his books? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “Looking for Alaska, the girl not the state.

      • The predictability of it. And the lack of a plot in my opinion, even though there was supposed to be this massive twist it was so obvious which annoyed me. I also fund Quentin to be really creepy in the “After” section. But maybe that’s just me :D.


      • yeah, the twist was definitely a let down. I mean the moment I read on the backcover that there’s a tragedy, I knew what was going to happen. i do agree with your points, but I think I enjoyed it because all the others books by John Green really disappointed me hahaha


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