Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

So, I’m finally back! It’s been a while since I last posted something. I’ve been quite busy and because of this, I’ve hardly had any time to read at all. I know, I know.


So I finally managed to sit down and read something. I’ve been waiting to read Red Queen for a while now, and was looking forward to reading it.


I have to admit that the cover is incredible. It’s quite simple, but very striking. I didn’t really know what this story was about, but I was kinda expecting a sort of Game of Thrones type novel for YA. I didn’t get that. Don’t expect that. It won’t happen.


To be honest though, I wasn’t let down. The story is interesting, I really liked the idea of a division between Reds and Silvers. I mean, it isn’t something that unique, but still. We had the same type of thing going on in Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman, the difference being that in N&C it was a colour skin difference whilst in Red Queen it’s a blood colour difference.

So, the story is as follows:


We basically follow this girl called Mare (I was never sure how to pronounce this name… is it Mare like ‘sea’ in italian? I wasn’t sure, but for some reason I kept calling her Maeve, god knows why). She’s a Red and she’s had a tough life. Until her best friend Kirlorn… Kylorn? Kilorn? Gets sentenced to war and she decides to do something about it. As a good YA character, she screws up, big time. She gets sent to the palace and has to pretend to be a Silver. The Silvers are meant to be better than the Reds because they have superpowers/ abilities. Basically they’re X-Men in disguise.


I did actually enjoy this book. I read it quite quickly, and wasn’t bored at all. There’s always something happening, and it’s very interesting. But as in all good YA, there were a few things that… irritated me. Maybe not irritated, but rather disappointed?

Firstly, Mare (or Maeve, or Sea) is meant to be a Red but turns out to be a Red X-men. Only Silvers can have abilities. Now, throughout the book I keep hearing that she’s supposed to be stronger than everyone else ‘cos she’s got Red blood but Silver abilities or something like that. That excited me. I was like, yay, she’s gonna kick some Silver butt! And yet, she doesn’t do that at all. Most of the time she’s getting her butt kicked by everyone else. I get it that she’s different, ‘cos she’s a Red but has abilities, but what makes her stronger? Her ability isn’t even that cool, there were other abilities I thought were way better and stronger. I kept waiting for her to do something incredible, something that no one else could do, but it never came. Not even at the end… What the frack people? Throughout the book, it keeps saying that she’s special ‘cos she can actually create her ability whilst others can’t. Okay… that’s cool… but no one else seems to care, and when it comes down to it… she can’t f***ng use it! What’s the point?


The romance… I know there is a law that says that all YA must have romance in it… but seriously. This book didn’t need any romance. Well, there wasn’t really any real romance. Mare (Maeve/Sea) changes affections faster than what I change knickers. She first loves Kilorn aka the best friend (Katniss and Gale, anyone?), and even though it doesn’t actually say she loves him… well, it’s kinda obvious he likes her and she likes him, but she won’t go with him ‘cos something better will show up and she’ll be like… Sorry, Gale, I mean Kilorn, but I found myself a prince!

Then Cal appears and she likes him. They have like 3 conversations in the book. Then she decides he’s the enemy and she hates him. But he’s hot, so she secretly likes him.


Then she’s made to get engaged with the brother (is this even a spoiler?), and she gets to know him and starts liking him. But still feels hot all over when Cal shows up. But then he’ll do something stupid that she won’t like and she’ll be like… Oh, no, he’s such an idiot, I like the brother better… he’s so kind! And so on and so on…

By the end of it, I didn’t know who the hell she liked.


The other problem I had was… the sort of twist. The betrayal. This wasn’t really a problem, more of a disappointment, because I saw it coming from the minute the character walked into the room. Maybe I’m just really intelligent, or YA’s aren’t that good at shocking me.


And finally, a problem I had was the world building. For the life of me I could not properly picture this world. At first I thought it was set in the past, kinda like a Game of Thrones type fantasy world. But they have guns, and TV screens…and cycles, which i could only guess was something from Star Wars… It was only at the end that I discovered that the story is placed in the future future, like very far away future. But for some reason they wear gowns… or tunics, or dresses… or whatever it is that they’re wearing. I get it. It’s this kind of futuristic world/medieval world, all in one. A remix.


I did enjoy this book by the way.


No, seriously though, I did enjoy it. You should read it.

2 thoughts on “Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

  1. I read it a while back and it was pretty good but it didn’t meet my expectations. Although there isn’t really an obvious romance, you can see one forming by the end of the book. I really hope Glass Sword picks the story up well.


    • totally agree with you. I did enjoy it, but it wasnt what i was expecting. I guess it was because of the huge hype surrounding the book… that usually ruins it for me!


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