What YA books do you like?

I was thinking lately… (I get the sense that I’m thinking way too much lately…) about what type of YA novels people would actually want to read. See, the thing is… most people complain that YA is bad. So my question is this, what type of YA book would you buy?

Maybe you’re into books that will make you cry?

images images-1

Or maybe books that might scare you…?


Hmmm… maybe books that might even make you really annoyed and angry?


Or maybe you’re really into that sort of romance that makes us all want to gag and shoot ourselves in the head…?


Perhaps you like YA with a damsel in distress…


Or you like your main leads to be tough?


Maybe you enjoy YAs with no plot whatsoever?


What exactly would you like to see in a YA book? What do you like about them and what do you hate about them? And which ones do you like? Let me know!:)

15 thoughts on “What YA books do you like?

  1. Wellll, I used to read a fair amount of YA until about a couple of years ago. And then, I stopped. It’s not a problem with the genre because there were some books I loved (Vampire Academy, HoN, Blood of Eden, Mortal Instruments etc to name a few) but my tastes changed. I was 13-16 during the time and the tough but still vulnerable female characters of YA books appealed a lot to me back then.

    My problem is, I think YA focuses mostly on heroes or heroines that are “good people”. The same themes of friendship, love, maturity, forgiveness blah blah blah are repeated over and over. There’s nothing wrong with this but I got sick and tired of all the noble, nice leads. I no longer wanted black and white but shades of grey (the darker the grey, the better). I’m not talking about fuckshit like 50 Shades of Grey but good stories that featured morally ambiguous or downright dark characters, without the elements of redemption inevitably present in most YA novels.


  2. I love YA books 🙂 But I can’t stand the sappy vampire ones. I have read a number of different YA books over the years and really have gotten into the genre. I have read the Divergent series and I loved the movie too.. Can’t wait to see insurgent. I have recently gotten into books about fallen angels including books like Hush Hush! By Becca Fitzpatrick and Angel by L.A Weatherly. 🙂 I also love the books by Cat Patrick but she has unfortunately got a lot of hate from her books and now can not be found in local bookstores… 🙂 P.S your blog is amazing

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      • I found Cat Patrick’s book one day and thought it was so amazing I am actually reading it a third time :)) You should check out her website she mostly writes books that are like sci-fi romance. Hahaha I enjoy hated books too for some strange reason :))) I think it makes them more interesting to read 🙂 Have a nice day


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