F**k You Hollywood!

kody-keplinger-the-duffI’ve been meaning to read this book for quite some time. But yesterday a friend of mine suggested a movie, which turned out to be the movie based from this book. So of course, you can imagine I was quite excited and checked the trailer out.

The movie looks fun. Probably won’t be any close as good as the book, but it still looks enjoyable. I mean it seems quite predictable but still.

The problem starts with this…

The actress chosen for this role is Mae Whitman;

Mae-whitman-at-the-pirate-fairy-premiere-in-burbank_1 Now, can someone please explain to me how this girl is meant to be a DUFF? She is neither fat nor ugly. I am sick and tired of Hollywood portraying girls as fat when they aren’t. It sends the wrong message, not only to young girls, but to women and men. So what if you don’t have loooong tanned legs, skinny cheekbones and a tiny waist? Does that immediately classify you as fat? This actress has a round-ish face and isn’t freaking anorexic… Does that make her fat?

Mae-Whitman--2014-White-House-Correspondents-Association-Dinner--09-720x1060 How is any of this okay? And most importantly, how are we allowing this to happen? I’m sorry but if this girl is considered fat and ugly… I’m a freaking Orc the size of a whale.

This is making me sick. People see this and actually really think she isn’t skinny, and that girl’s need to be skeletons and a size zero to be pretty. Because you know, looking like this is freeeeaking amazing!

skeleton-clip-art-15 This needs to stop. People need to understand that it is okay not to be skinny. So what if a girl is overweight or fat? Why is everyone so obsessed with this crap?

Oh well… It’s not because of the way she looks, it’s because of health reasons!

F**k you and your healthy reasons. If someone doesn’t want to do sports and eat cake, then why not? What’s wrong with that? We’re all going to die sometime, might as well make this ride enjoyable and do what the hell we want. I know people that do sports every single day of their life and only eat really healthy stuff… and then died from lung cancer. And a man who smokes a pack of cigarettes a day and half a bottle of whiskey dies at the age of 112. Yes, of course one lifestyle is more prone to leading to health risks. We get that. But if someone is happy, why not? As long as they understand the consequences, leave everyone alone.

If a 15 year old girl is fat because she enjoys eating, just let her eat. Yeah, I know this is a touchy subject. But maybe if people didn’t care so much about all this crap, and everyone just chilled out and let everyone do what they wanted to (always taking into account that you can do what you want without risking other people’s security) there’d be less shit going on in this world, and maybe less people starving themselves to look like a stick.

I am sorry but Hollywood needs to change their attitude. This girl is neither fat nor ugly. And if people really think that way, they need to get their head checked.

I’ll never win this argument, or change the world. But honestly, I don’t care what people think about me. I don’t want to be like everyone else, and I honestly believe that every single woman on this planet is beautiful. No matter what colour skin she has, the shape of her eyes, the size of her waist, or her sexuality. Same goes for men. The important thing is the beauty within us.

So yeah, F**k you Hollywood.

4 thoughts on “F**k You Hollywood!

  1. I totally agree with you about Mae Whitman. She is one of, if not my favourite, actress and I think she is absolutely beautiful and not fat at all. However, I think the concept of the term ‘DUFF’ in this book doesn’t really focus on the exact words of calling someone fat and ugly. I think they use it more to describe a person who makes there other friends look better as they aren’t as physically attractive, not meaning they aren’t attractive at all just not as appealing as there other friends. Its still a horrible term to use and by using it, its basically saying that being fat or not thin really, is a bad thing which it completely isn’t. I would never use it and completely disagree with it as well but I still really liked the books story and the movie, especially cause Mae was in it 🙂

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    • wow! okaay this makes a lot sense, for this book and this movie. Unfortanetly i do still believe that hollywood does give the wrong message in most cases. But i do agree with what that post says and it makes perfect sense, so thanks for sharing!!;) i will def read the book and watch the movie!

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  2. Hard not to agree with you here! As sick as it is, it is reality, unfortunately. That’s our society, our media, anyway. I agree there definitely could’ve been a better actress for the role.

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