An insight to my first book!;)

So lately I’ve been wondering whether to talk about my book. I’ve wanted to post like the first page of my book for some time, but I’ve been extremely hesitant about it. Not because I believe someone will steal my idea. I don’t think you can really steal an idea from just one page… and from what I’ve seen on this site, there are a lot of creative and talented people, and therefore, I don’t think they’d need to steal anything from me. No, that’s not the reason. The main reason is I don’t want to be one of those writer’s that’s like… ‘Hey, I wrote a book, look at me! Read my book! Read my book!’


I know one has to market and talk about their book, because if you don’t, well, it’ll end up on a shelf collecting dust. But I’m not really at that stage yet. The book isn’t published yet, it’s off with the editors. The truth is, I just want to get people’s opinion. See, very few people have read my book and so, I want the opinion of others. I mean, what if I’ve written a book that no one would be interested in reading? I’d rather know now than when it’s published. So even if you guys hated it, at least it’s something. At least I’m getting somewhere, and I can still do something about it.

So please let me know what you thought. I’m only posting one page ‘cos I know everyone has things to do with their life. I hope you do enjoy it at least! I know from one page it’s hard to really tell if you like a book or not. I know. But the first page is the give or take. I mean, the first page is what’s meant to pull a reader into buying the book so… I’m hoping mine grabs the attention enough for the reader to want to read the rest of the book.


Here’s the summary of the book so you get an idea…

Scarlet Lock wakes up in a government facility not knowing where she is or why she is there. The year is 2060 and her journey leads her into a new world of government secrets and cruel experiments all in the name of progress. Society has been divided between humans and cyborgs. A dangerous search into the unknown and a fight to uncover the truth reveals the strength and determination of a young girl who believes she can uncover the mysteries of what happened in the past to transform the future of the new world she now lives in.

(it’s a bit messy the spaces between paragraphs ‘cos I’ve changed computer and don’t have Microsoft Word yet…)

Eternal Darkness


‘Wake up!’

       Scarlet watched the bird that lay on the floor. It twitched uncontrollably. She wondered how long it would take for it to die and then realised what a cruel thought she had just had. It was pitch black in the room but the bird was illuminated from above and below, an eerie light enveloping its body.

     As she approached, the larger it grew and she froze, fascinated. How was this possible? Stepping forward, her feet touching nothing but darkness with only a single light bulb hanging from above guiding her way, she realised the bird was a crow. The animal continued to twitch, a faint light shimmering beneath, black feathers falling around its dying body and she stood from afar, too scared now to get any closer.

    ‘Wake up!’

     Maybe she could save it? Scarlet took a step closer and then another, holding her breath until she realised it was true. The crow grew in size with every step she took. She looked around but saw nothing except darkness. The light bulb had moved, as if following her to provide some light in the shadows.

    ‘You must wake up. Now!’

    Scarlet observed the crow with fascination and moved towards it, watching, as the bird grew larger and larger. A mirror emerged to her right and a girl inside the mirror waved back at Scarlet. She immediately recognised the person inside as herself. But there was something different about this other Scarlet. They looked exactly the same, long blond wavy hair and big light blue eyes, but the way this other Scarlet was smiling haunted her. There was something wrong.

      She shifted her attention back to the crow and made her way to its side, but the bird lay still on the ground. Dropping to her knees she wondered what it would feel like to touch its feathers.

     ‘Please, wake up!’

      Scarlet’s hand reached out towards the crow, her fingers outstretched, her eyes widening at the strange beauty death could cause. She eagerly wanted to feel its softness and in a strange way, become part of its beauty.

    ‘Wake up!’

     Her fingertip brushed the soft wings and then suddenly the crow began to move. Scarlet jumped back and watched the bird fly away into the mirror where the other Scarlet was.

    ‘Goddamn it, wake up!’

     The mirror began to melt and the light bulb fell into the shadows. Scarlet stepped back and then felt the ground disappear and she dropped and continued to drop as she screamed.

    Scarlet opened her eyes.

7 thoughts on “An insight to my first book!;)

  1. The summary sounds reeeally great and exciting! Is Scarlet from the Time the book is set is or does she travel trough time or something like that?
    I would definitly give it a chance if it gets released 🙂
    Wish you good luck for the whole project 🙂


    • thanks so much!! well technically shes lost 20 years of her memory, due to experiments done on her, so even though shes 17, shed actually be 37…thanks so much its great to hear thiss 🙂


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