Who are your favourite characters?

I’ve read quite a few books in my 22 years of life. Maybe not as many as I would’ve liked to, or as many as other 22 year olds. But in these 22 years I’ve come across quite a few books that have introduced me to some special people. There are some books that even though enjoyable, their characters never stuck to me as much as others. I’m sure this happens to everyone. Sometimes a book is good, or has a really interesting plot and the characters aren’t bad, but they just don’t stay with you, they don’t impact your life and become friends. Because that’s what characters feel like, don’t they? Like friends.

Imaginary friends…

Not even YOUR imaginary friends…


These are probably my 8 favourite characters from books. I’m sure I have many more but right now I can’t think of the ones I’m forgetting. If I do, I’ll add them. (This list is in no specific order).

Jace Herondale


Okay, so I said this list wasn’t in a specific order, but Jace IS my fav character. I loved everything about him in the books. Even when he was being a completely ass, I still loved him. I love the way he shuts everyone off, the way he seems to not care and then he does everything possible to help those he loves and the way in which, even though because of his childhood he should be some type of monster, he has the kindest heart of all.

I know I’m going to be beaten up for saying this but… I did not like Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace. I did not imagine Jace like him physically or mentally. It just wasn’t him at all. The way Jace moves, talks and acts in the books were not properly reflected by this actor in the movie. Yes, he did get some qualities right, but not entirely. But to be honest, I didn’t like most of the chosen actors for the cast. I did love Lily Collins as Clary, I think she was pretty good and of course, Robert Sheehan (Simon).

I’m sorry but this guy (pic below) will always be Jace in my head. I know you can’t always get the exact actors you want because of schedules and stuff, but hey,  I can still daydream!


Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger


There isn’t much to say about these two except that they’re awesome. I loved them in the books and I loved the actors in the movies. Even though Harry Potter is the main character, I always felt closer to Ron and Hermione. Ron because of his humour and Hermione because of her attitude and way of being.

I still get emotional thinking about them!



I really loved these characters due to their awesomeness, their sense of family and friendship and their bravery. I felt every tear, every burst of anger and every kiss. I truly believed I was there next to them throughout the series, and they became really important to me.

Daenerys Targaryen


What is there to say about the Khaleesi? She is awesome. I love the way she transforms from this really scared young girl to such a brave woman. I especially love Emilia Clarke and her way of interpreting the character from the books.

Kathy H


Kathy H is an incredible character. I love every single word she speaks from the book. She is most of the time quite uncertain, but she draws you in so beautifully to the point you feel as though you’re her very best friend. Of course, Carey Mulligan is one of my fav actresses and I loved her portraying Kathy. I think she did an exceptional job.

Sookie Stackhouse


I looooooved Sookie. I loved the way she thought, the way she was never scared of telling people what she thought. That girl had balls. Major balls. I loved as she never really lied to herself and was always sincere and upfront. And she made me laugh a lot, and made reading about household chores fun. I ended up truly believing that Sookie was a real live girl living in her grandma’s house! I also really liked Anna Paquin as Sookie, I think she really nailed the character in all aspects!

Landon Carter


I loved Landon in the book as well as the movie. I really enjoyed reading the book from his point of view and getting to see and feel all those raw emotions. And it was great having Shane West, because I love that man!

Tris Prior


I really really liked Tris in the books. She wasn’t the typical stupid teenage YA girl in most books. She had guts, but she also feared when it was appropriate. And that’s cool because she felt REAL to me. I felt as though I was right there next to her, ready to jump off a roof and running to catch a train that wasn’t going to stop. Well, most of the time I’d just glance at her and shake my head, knowing only she would be doing this stuff as I’m wayyyyyy to lazy or unfit. I also love Shailene Woodley, and I think she was pretty perfect for this role. I didn’t however like the actor chosen to play Four, he wasn’t bad but I just didn’t imagine him quite like that… But still. I do admit though, that I enjoyed the books wayyyyy better than the movie. (Haven’t watched Insurgent yet, so no idea about that one).

So, who are your fav characters? Do any coincide with mine? Let me know!!!:)

12 thoughts on “Who are your favourite characters?

  1. I totally agree about Ron and Hermione – I felt much more connection to them than Harry. And felt a little betrayed by Emma Watson when she said she didn’t think they were a believable couple. Also love the idea of Alex Pettyfer as Jace. Mostly because he’s just so hot


    • I hate it when people say Hermione and Harry shouldve ended up together. I think thats ridiculous. Ron and Hermione were perfect for each other!!! I know, Alex Pettyfer is unhumanly gorgeous hahaha!:)

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  2. Jace is amazing:-D I liked Sebastian/Jonathon too…but that’s just because I have a special love for insane characters…
    And Hermione is one of my most favorite female characters ever.


  3. I really like Jace too, and haaaaate that the movie producers chose Jamie Campbell Bower because he is just NOT Jace! I don´t like his looks Alex Pettifer would have been a much better choice 😀
    But I have to say I like Will Herondale a bit better than Jace. Have you read The Infernal Divices?

    Yeahhh Ron and Hermione are my favourite characters of HP too! Esprecially Ron! He is the best 😉

    Landon…hmmm yeah he is a pretty great character..but I somehow like the movie better than the book.

    And Tris is also a fabulous character 😀



    • Im glad someone else thinks the same way as me on Jamie Campbell hahaha! Yeah, i did and loved that trilogy, but my fav character was def James Carstairs.. I really loved Will too, but to me he was very similar to Jace which I guess is normal… but I liked James more..ARRGHH i loved both hahaha Yeah, actually I think A walk to remember was actually quite good as a movie… i actually watched the movie before reading the book and I was left a lil disappointed by the book, the only thing that really saved it for me was Landon!:) Thanks for the comment!!


      • Yeah that was really mean that Cassandra Clare put two great characters in one book xD I love them both, but Will is juuuust a bit better than James 😛 You are right Will and Jace are pretty similar, I think it´s because Jace has 6 books and Will just 3 and the whole Jace and Clary drama was a biiit too much. And I loooooove books that are set in the 19th century especially in London, so Will has another plus xD
        I saw the movie first too 😀 I think thats the main problem why I like the movie better than the book, my expectations were too high. I didn´t know that the book is set during another time than the movie and it was quite different. And some of my favorite scenes from the movie are not in the book..so yeah xD But I think it´s the only movie (that I have seen), that I like better than the book!


      • totally agree with you! I actually think that I enjoyed infernal devices more.. I think cos with mortal instruments it reached a point where it started to drag… though i loved it anyway, but infernal devices… i dont know, it was just three books and i felt so many different emotions in such a short period of time. And as you say, the whole Jace and Clary dragged on quite a bit… but still. Yeah, there were scenes from the movie I reallyyyy loved but werent in the book… plus i felt like the book wasnt really as romantic as the movie…

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      • It is really difficult to say which one is better, because lets face it they are all awsome 😀 I am so excited for her new series to come out!!

        Yes, I thought that too about the “A Walk to Remember” movie 🙂 I loved the whole thing with the list! I dond´t remeber if it was in the book..but I don´t think so..at least not the parts that I loved xD

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