11 books I want to buy; Are they worth it?

So, I’ve been waiting forever to buy more books. I’ve been searching and searching for some new books to get my hands on, and finally I’ve found 11 that seem promising. BUT, I want to get people’s opinion first, as I don’t want to end up paying for 11 books that aren’t good. (I mean, the chances of that happening are slight, but still). I’m sure that out of these 11 there are probably some worth getting brand new, whilst others maybe second hand and others from a library?

What do you guys think? Are these books worth buying? What books are you guys planning to buy?

Here’s the list;

All the light we cannot see


The 5th wave


Lola and the boy next door




Red Queen


The darkest part of the forest




Gates of thread and stone


Wither; the chemical garden trilogy


The truth about Alice


13 thoughts on “11 books I want to buy; Are they worth it?

  1. I found the 5th Wave to be quite a disappointment, to be honest. I can’t really pinpoint what it was exactly, but is was just a bit meh..
    Wither (and its sequels) are probably books you’ll like, though. I had some problems with them, but I’m not the biggest YA-reader and most of my issues with them originated from there. But if you like YA-dystopian and elegant prose, then Chemical Garden is def worth a try!

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  2. My roommate bought The Red Queen and she LOVES it!! I plan on borrowing it from her.
    Angelfall is actually a book I have been considering buying as well, I have heard many good things about it.

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  3. I would second Wither. As long as you’re familiar with Ya tropes and like dystopia it’s an enjoyable series. Beyond that, I would consider why you’re looking to purchase these books. Do like displaying books based on covers, or just for first reads? Personally I try to only pay full price for something if I’ve already read it and plan to reread it. The other exception would be if I love the author and have confidence that I’ll want to keep it. Otherwise I get books second hand, at the library, or I use Oyster if the books are available on there.
    Good luck !

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    • Well, I enjoy buying books because I like to collect them, whether they’re second hand or I’ve bought them from libraries!:) so I’d say I just buy books to collect them, kinda like an obsessive hobbie hahaha


  4. Don’t bother with Incarnate. It’s cover can be deceptive but the story isn’t good enough. The Red queen and Darkest part of the forest are AMAZING. Angelfall.. Is PRETTY Good. Anyway, are you on goodreads? Because I have reviewed some of these books on goodreads. So you’ll get an idea about how they are. I just read Incarnate yesterday. There was so much potential but it just didn’t build up.


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