Worst YA covers ever!

So we all know the saying… Don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, I bet the authors are glad that saying exists…because if we were to judge their books based on these covers, they probably wouldn’t sell a single book. There seems to be a common idea amongst publishers that we readers are interested in seeing a close up of the face of a dramatic looking girl. Why? Why the hell would I want to see the close up of a girl, contorting her body into all kinds of dramatic positions to the point it looks like something out of the Exorcist.

Also, dear publishers, what is it with girls in long pretty dresses? The book could be about a warrior demon fighting angels in the underworld… and the cover is a young girl doing circus positions in a long white dress… HUH?

Seriously, though, seriously, what is this??

7158802929_afa1275516 The Selection makes sense, I get it, they did a good job… and I haven’t read all the books here, so I don’t know if they all go with the story… But by experience, they probably won’t. Why? Why? The only thing you guys get right is the colour of the characters hair… Why such drama? Yes, it’s pretty and gets us to buy it like proper suckers… but then I start reading and realise this has nothing to do with what the cover promised… and then I get pissed off. Okay, I might end up liking the book and so you made your money, played your tricks and we all ended up winning. Well, played, publishers, well played. But honestly, you guys suck. BIG TIME!

So, here are some of the worst covers I’ve come across in the Young Adult genre. I’m probably forgetting a couple so if any of you guys can come up with some I’ll add them to the section if you want!

Sweet Evil


Oh, Jesus… Okay first of all, girl in a dress… second, dramatic position, I mean who the hell stands like that to take a picture? Is she trying to be dramatic? If she is, how is that dramatic? Or is she shy from the camera? And if that’s the case… WHY? And what in hell does the red dress and the dramatic positioning have to do with the story????Oh, and I just love the creepy dude standing behind her rubbing his chin (licking his lips probably… this kinda looks more like a Red Riding Hood rewrite).

Let me say this out loud… I DONT WANT TO SEE THE CHARACTERS FACES!!!!!!!! Why? The point of reading a book is to enter that world and IMAGINE every single detail the writer is giving you. So why? Why would you just stick the goddamn faces on the cover! Now even if I try I’m going to see the idiot looking drama queen, and the good looking wolf rubbing his chin with a look on his face as though he hasn’t gone to the toilet in a while.

Chicagoland Vampires


Mother of Gods… What the hell happened here? This was some sort of joke right? It has to be… I can’t understand how someone actually got paid for this. What is this supposed to be anyway? I want to look away at it! Is it some sort of weird BDSM gone wrong? I mean, first of all… GIRL ON THE COVER AGAIN! Second… what is she wearing? Am I supposed to think that the character runs around Chicago like that?

I just… No, I can’t do this, moving on. This cover is going to make me slam my head against the table repeatedly.




1. Girl on the cover

2. Girl looking dramatically at the camera…

3. Close up of her face, which is unnecessary.

4. What’s the story about? No idea… a red head being dramatic… Is this about high school? Romance? Action? I don’t know… the cover doesn’t tell me anything at all! But hey, there’s a dramatic looking girl on the cover so… yeah, it’s got to be good.

This cover is just plain no. Nope. NOPE. Not even with a slice of pizza in one hand and ice cream in the other. Just nope.

By the way, this book is about werewolves… Yeah.

Fallen Angel



Okay… What can I say by now that I haven’t said? What does this have to do with a fallen angel? You don’t have to put on the cover anything that gives the book away, that’s true… Look at Hunger Games, Twilight, etc… But a girl? Looking up into the sky? Looking dramatic? Okay… This doesn’t explain anything… Am I supposed to be afraid, sad or happy for this girl?

Thanks, once again, for showing me how the main lead looks like. What if I stop paying for books, huh? Will that get your freaking attention!?!?!



Well, I applaud the enormous effort they put into not adding -a teenage dramatic girl that is actually 26 years old and looks like it and probably didn’t go to the bathroom in 2 days as preparation for the photo shoot- on the cover. *Clap clap*

So, you guys decided not to add the girl… Great but… What is this? I think I would’ve preferred the dramatic girl instead. What is this supposed to mean? Two books with a butterfly? Are these characters real geeks? I can’t even talk about this cover because there really isn’t anything to talk about.

Two books and a butterfly. That would be okay if it weren’t so damn ugly. Someone got paid for this? I could’ve done something way better on my computer in less than five minutes without understanding Photoshop. And blindfolded, with a gun pointed at my head.



HA! Good try at not trying to have the dramatic girl on the cover. So, *publisher rubs his hands together* we don’t want the usual dramatic looking 26 year old… What can we do? Oh, I know, let’s put a dramatic 26 year old on the cover but let’s cover it up dramatically so you can only make out the outline!


Vampire Academy


*Publisher rubs hands together* Okay, okay, we need to sell this book… And we need a young girl on the cover. But we need something that helps boost sells.. Oh, I know, let’s put Angelina Jolie on the cover! That surely will sell! Yeah, but we can’t afford to have Angelina Jolie… hhmmmm…. Well, let’s just get a really close looking model to do the job.

And that’s how Vampire Academy was born.

The rest of the series? It only seems to get worse…


17 thoughts on “Worst YA covers ever!

  1. Omg …hahahhaha I can’t stop laughing this is sooo freakin’ true xD!!!! The Selection though matches the story (A lot of “dressing up” happening). … The Vampire Academy Covers are as awful as the German ones but the kindle-covers on amazon are pretty decent (because there are no girls smirking at you). Sweet Evil is just such a shame – these books are readable and I’ve enjoyed them very much… But yes, you’re right. Woops, that comment got long. Sorry :$

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  2. Right on! Yea these are pretty bad, some down right hilarious. I am also a big fan of NOT putting characters faces on the cover. I like to draw my own visions of the characters by their descriptions. Putting a face on the cover really takes away from the reader/character relationship. I also agree that a lot of these covers have absolutely nothing to do with the story. To me, a lot of them have a vintage type feel then you get two pages in and somebody is using a cell phone or driving a Prius. It’s just weird. Great topic!

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    • i totally agree with you!!! its a shame because they could create really awesome covers for these books and yet they dont! i guess they cant be bothered as long as theyre selling the books!


      • You are so right. Hmm, I’m an artist maybe I should get into book cover design, haha! I think I could do better than these super cheesy covers. Too funny.

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      • you should totally consider getting into cover design seriously!! When i started looking up companies for the cover of my book youd be surprised what a huge industry it is! (to be honest, a lot of the ones out there arent that good). A lot of people that know how to do covers actually live just from that, because so many self-published authors need someone to do their cover, and even publishers ask companies or freelancers to do it! If I knew how to, I would definitely consider getting into it!

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      • you’ve got my brain wheels spinning now, i am going to look into it, maybe try my hand at it and see how i do 🙂 definitely something new for me

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      • Also, if you join Goodreads.com you can sign up for the Young Adult newsletter and they will email you new YA book releases, reviews, etc


  3. This is pretty hilarious. Although it actually ticks me off when they don’t have faces on the covers. Like let’s cut the picture off at their chin. What the heck does that mean? It never occurred to me that people don’t like faces on covers. Still, the dramatic, girl in a dress thing is super overdone and does nothing to let you know what the book is about. Then again, most genres have some kind of cover trope. It seems like every dystopia in the ya section these days has a cute “unique” symbol on it’s cover.. meh.


  4. This is pretty awesome. I laughed so much after looking at this that my phone would seriously consider being me. I really hate the cover with face because I also like to imagine all of the characters by myself.


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