6 American remakes of Asian movies

Okay, so I decided to try something a little different to what I usually write… but what the heck, I wanted to mix it up a bit. You only live once, right?

I’m a huge fan of all things Asian, movies, tv shows, manga, anime, etc. Most of the movies I watch are either South Korean or Japanese, and in my opinion, they tend to beat european and american movies. Why? Well, their budgets aren’t necessarily bigger, but there’s just something about their movies that make them awesome. In a Korean action movie, they don’t need bombs going off every two seconds to make it incredible or action packed, plus they tend to have incredible stories behind what’s happening, which sorry to say… nowadays, in most action movies doesn’t happen. It’s just guys blowing stuff up.

These are six movies that were originally either korean or japanese (one of them is from Hong Kong, though) and got remade in the USA. For some of these I’ve only watched the asian version, for others just the american version. There are of course, way more remade movies, but these are just a few I wanted to share with you guys!


old-boy-poster_2     99110

I’ve put Oldboy the first, because it’s probably one of the best movies ever made! I’ve only watched the original version (on the left) because I refuse to watch the american version. Now, if you haven’t watched this movie, you need to stop wathever you’re doing right now and watch it. You will NOT be disappointed. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. The twist at the end will have you thinking and rethinking about every single moment in the movie and then you’ll probably freak out. I have friends that  hate watching asian movies, and I forced them to watch Oldboy and they loved it so much they actually force me now to find new asian movies to watch together. Plus, the actor is brilliant and very well know in South Korea, Choi Min Sik. He actually appears in the movie Lucy, the one with Scarlet Johansson.

My Sassy Girl

imgres-1    imgres-2

My Sassy Girl is one of my favourite romance-comedy movies ever! I haven’t watched the american version for the same reason as Oldboy. The original was so brilliant I know that no one will ever be able to live up to it! This is another movie you NEED to watch. Not only is it hilarious, but by the end of it there’s an incredible twist that will leave you thinking over and over about it, and wondering how you didn’t notice way before!

Ringu/The Ring

url-3     the-ring-movie-poster-2002-1020189818

Well, there isn’t much to say about this one, right? By now everyone has heard about this movie. They’re both good in my opinion, but you know, Japanese are known for being brilliant at horror movies so, if you’re not sure which one to start with… go for the original! Unless you’re too scared and want to start lighter, then go for the american one.

A tale of two sisters/The Uninvited

url-1     url-2

I haven’t actually seen the South Korean version. I watched the Uninvited some years ago randomly and thought it was an okay movie… It has one of my favourite actresses in it, so that was a plus (Emily Browning). I decided to do some research about the movie, because I’m really into movies and love to investigate after watching one. That’s when I discovered it originally comes from the South Korean movie A Tale of Two Sisters. I watched the trailer and it spooked me out. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the movie, and mostly everyone believes the original one is way better than the american version, so I’m hoping to watch it soon.

Il Mare/ The Lake House

il-mare     imgres

Okay, so this one is difficult. I first watched the Lake House years ago and fell in love with it. I’m a huge Sandra Bullock fan, and my mother and I watch every single movie she releases. It also has Keanu Reeves so… I mean, it was meant to be, wasn’t it?

Then I watched Il Mare. And I also loved it. But… Even though they follow the exact same story line, they are very different. I believe that’s because in a way, the american version is more based on their love, whereas Il Mare isn’t. I mean, it is a love story, but if you’ve watched romantic asian movies, you know they’re not like american ones. They don’t express love in the same way, it’s so much more subtle. I think both movies are incredible in their own way, and whether you like one better than the other is honestly up to taste.

Infernal Affairs/ The Departed

url     large_tGLO9zw5ZtCeyyEWgbYGgsFxC6i

These two movies are as problematic as the ones above. They’re both excellent. I watched the Departed first because my friends recommended it and after that, well, I was a fan. I did my investigations and discovered it originally came from Infernal Affairs (which is actually a movie from Hong Kong). I watched Infernal Affairs and loved it as much. They follow the same story, and they’re both excellent. I love Infernal Affairs because I love the way Asians make movies, especially action movies, but I love The Departed because, well… LEORNARDO DICAPRIO! MATT DAMON! JACK NICHOLSON! I mean, how could you NOT love a movie with these guys in it? I think this is another case of just watching both movies and trying to figure out which one you enjoyed more!

So, are you guys interested in asian movies? If so, which ones did you like?

Oh, by the way I forgot a movie!

Battle Royale/The Hunger Games

imgres-4     imgres-3

Okay, okay, I’m kidding! This isn’t actually a remake but… Oh come on! You have to admit there are A LOT of similarities… Go read the books! Either way, I enjoyed both movies and both books… If you haven’t checked out Battle Royale, you really should.

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