9 covers that sucked me into buying the book

I try real hard not to fall for covers. I spend quite some time researching a book before buying, but sometimes… (well, to be honest, most of the time) I fall for the trap of the pretty cover technique. In most cases I am lucky that the book turns out to be good, but other times… Well, good thing the book is beautiful and will look nice on my shelf.

These are nine covers that made me buy the books. Some of these were awesome, some not so much… and others, well, I haven’t read yet.

Messenger of Fear


Sucker, sucker, sucker! To be honest, I did pick this book up because I read Grant’s other series, “Gone” and it was awesome, so I couldn’t wait to read Messenger of Fear, which by the way… Was EPIC/AWESOME/BESTBOOKEVER! You need to read this… NOW. Go, stop reading, stop driving (if you’re driving you probably shouldn’t be reading this…) stop doing whatever you are doing and read this.

The cover is simple and yet, beautiful. Plus, the edges of the pages are black which gives it an ever more cooler look.

Shatter Me


I totally bought the first book of this trilogy because of the cover… I’m a sucker for pretty covers! But, luckily enough, the trilogy was pretty awesome except for a couple of irritating things. (I will be writing about this trilogy soon in full detail). Whether you’re into dystopian/xmen or not, you should buy this book just to decorate your shelf. Who the heck designed this? I mean, they need to win an award or something!



Okay, so this was one book I did not enjoy. I read it… and I read the second book… and then I started the third book and finally gave up. So yeah, I’m guessing you’re thinking I couldn’t have hated it that much, right? Well, let’s just say that I hate, HATE, not finishing a book, and if that book is a trilogy or a series… then, frack me, ‘cos I got to finish it. But with this one, I couldn’t. Maybe I was too grown up for it, or it was just too corny… I don’t know, but I spent 90% of the time rolling my eyes or laughing my *ss off! But, the cover is simply beautiful and I’m glad I bought it because now it decorates a nice place on my shelf collecting dust.



This is actually a book I can’t wait to start reading. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I’m hoping it will live up to such good reviews… Fingers crossed! The cover in my opinion is wicked (british accent at full power there). There isn’t much to it, but it’s just so awesome and eye-catching that I just to look at it all day. I am a huge fan of rewrites of Alice in Wonderland, so that might be why I am so freaking obsessed with this one!



Did I mention I’m a fan of rewrites of Alice in Wonderland? Well, this is another one! I haven’t read it yet, but it does seem to have an interesting twist to the original. Hopefully the story will live up to this crazy cover!

By the way, check out the two continuing novels… the artwork is amazing!

81mLTXJEVzL._SL1500_                Unhinged-by-A.G.-Howard

The Heir


The truth is, I’ve only read the first book in this, trilogy…series…saga? I did enjoy the Selection, though I am finding it hard to continue with the second book. But the cover work on these books is pretty amazing and pretty. I’m not usually into girly covers but the Heir especially is remarkably eye-catching. I think any girl would love to wear something like that at some point in their life!

Clipped Wings


I haven’t read these books but I came across the book through cover companies. It is quite a simple cover and yet, there’s something about it that makes me want to stare at it forever. Sometimes simplicity is the best, especially when it comes to book covers.

Red Queen


I haven’t read this book either… I’m starting to realise that most of these books I haven’t read yet, and this just proves my point. I buy books because of their covers and then most of the time, don’t even read them! Red Queen though is definitely a book I’m extremely excited about. It’s crashing the entire YA media… The marketing team for this book need a raise, because I keep seeing this book EVERYWHERE! I try very hard to keep away from books that are extremely popular because I get my hopes up and just end up disappointed (I’m sorry The Fault in our Stars fans… but just no, way too much hype… go read Before I die by Jenny Downham).

But don’t worry, I’ll definitely read this one, because no matter how much I complain about not wanting to read popular books I always end up reading them…


USAZomBAngelsHB-220x322             17333685

I’m terrified of zombies… Give me ghosts, psychos or nuclear war… anything but zombies. I won’t watch the Walking Dead because then I need someone to come to the bathroom with me at night! It’s pathetic, I know, but they give me the creeps! But I really loved these covers for some reason… someone could argue that these covers aren’t particularly beautiful or anything… but for some reason, they sucked me into buying them!

Don’t judge a book by its cover… HA!

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