3 SERIES with a disappointing ending

Morganville Vampires

image (14)

This is a series I started when I was 15, at the time when vampires was basically the only thing you could buy in the YA market. Don’t get me wrong, I love vampires, they’re awesome! But after a certain book brought vampires to a whole knew level of stupidity, well… I had to leave my hopes of finding a new Anne Rice for the future. However, the Morganville Vampires series surprised me. In a good way.

The storyline is fresh, the writing is good and the character’s… well, let me just say, the character’s are what truly makes this series so freaking awesome. There is something special about the connection between Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael (I still remember their names after so many years!) that really makes you feel close to them. I loved every single romantic situation, feared every single action packed scene and hated the villains. I never got bored, not one single book in the series tired me (there are 15 books in total, considering… surely you would get tired at some point, right?). The fact was, I found this series great, it had all the essentials, crazy character’s, love, action, vampires… Now, the problem with this series was the ending. Usually, when I’ve put so much time and love into a series, I want it to end with a BANG! or at least something that makes me cry (Harry Potter, anyone?) I don’t want just a… let’s wrap it up, give a nice sweet ending and done. Nope. I want something that rips my heart out and throws it out the window. I want to ball my eyes out.

This series didn’t do that. And that really annoyed me, because these books were awesome and deserved an awesome ending. Instead I was given… yeah, an okay everyone’s happy now ending. That’s fine, I like happy endings, heck, we don’t need another Allegiant episode. But, I wanted perhaps to have an Epilogue with the character’s well into the future and seeing what had happened to them… or something. Anything! The last book ended as if another would begin.

It had a conclusion, but conclusions can sometimes suck too.

Pretty little liars

image (12)

This is another series I loved, and of course, the end ended up pissing me off. When I’ve read 16 books following a group of character’s I want a good ending, an ending that makes me think about this book for at least two days. The thing with most of these series is that, the author needs to wrap it all up so there’s no plot holes or anything missing (the so called, unanswered questions) and yeah, I get that, but when I’ve finished 16 books and after three days I can’t remember the ending… well, either I’m starting to get Alzheimer’s at a very young age, or the author hasn’t brought anything good enough for me to remember. That doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be a sad ending… just something that really makes you remember it. I read Meg Cabot’s The Mediator years and years ago and I still remember that goddamn ending because it made me cry for the entire day. (It was a happy ending by the way).

The ending to this series was nothing new, heck, you could’ve ended this series a few books ago with such an ending. (Spoiler alert) So, they finish the bad guy off and they live happily ever after… How did I not see that coming? Yeah, book number 15 ended quite badly for them… but it was quite obvious they would win at the end. I mean, so much crap has happened to them, it was pretty obvious the bad guy wouldn’t win. Yes, there was that little bit at the end where it looked as though the bad guy could come back in the future (that was probably the only good thing about the ending) but that’s all.

I understand there wasn’t that many options to end a series like this, I know, I know, but still. I just wanted a little more… something. I get that most people won’t agree with me over this, but when I’ve spent money and my time on 16 books… as I said before, I want a freaking BANG! at the end.

Sookie Stackhouse series

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This was probably one of the best series ever! Though, in my opinion there were a few things that annoyed me throughout the entire duration of these books. For one, the first few books were heavily erotic whereas the rest seemed to calm down a lot. I get that the main character can’t be humping every single male character she comes across… but, sheesh, the first few books Sookie was having a lot of fun. Maybe she grew tired from all the fun she was having in the first few books?

Anyway, this series had another very disappointing ending. I don’t even remember what happened in the final book. The only thing I do remember is what character she ended up with romantically, and even though most people didn’t seem happy with this choice, I was. That was probably the only positive thing about this finale, the man she chooses. For once, Sookie chooses the right one!

I would explain why I hated the ending, but I don’t even remember. Nothing that special happened, whatever fight Sookie was fighting she ended, got on with her life, choose a man to settled down with and… alas! happy ever after ending. The author wrapped everything up and left it at that. Well, yeah, I understand that this series, as like the others, couldn’t finish any other way really… (It could, though, it could). I wish author’s thought of really cool creative ways of finishing these series. Series don’t always have to conclude with everything being wrapped up, just like stand alone novels! (The Handmaid’s Tale, Eleanor & Park, anyone?) Yeah, they’re not series but still…

Hopefully, my next series will have that BANG at the end…

Peace out!

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