Writersmania is a blog all about writing, books, reviews, tips on writing, editing and publishing! Whether you’re just searching for some tips on writing or a bookworm looking for a new book to read, I’m sure you’ll find something to satisfy your needs!

7 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • I would recommend Eleanor & Park, Before I die and the perks of being a wallflower (though none of these are considered YA that I know of, but still they’re great reads in my opinion) as for YA, Slated wasn’t a bad read, Say her name is sort of a scary type YA? Of course, I would recommend City of Bones, it’s really good! I could endlessly continue with this list haha

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      • I don’t like anything sappy or sad. I really like Out of the Easy. The 5th Wave series is good. Ransom Riggs Peregrine’s book are super cool, currently awaiting the third book. I liked The Butterfly Clues. The Maze Runner series of course


      • The maze runner is one of my favorite! No, I haven’t but I’ll definitely check it out ‘cos I’m always running out of new books to buy! Have you btw read Red Queen or Snow like ashes? becuase i’ve heard a lot of hype over these two books

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  1. I haven’t but I will put them on my list, thanks! “I Will Save You” might come off like nothing special at first, but it’s worth read all the way through.

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